On the road to Compostella at the heart of the medieval Marian city of Rocamadour, this Christian Welcome Centre belongs to the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Calvary of Gramat – Rocamadour founded by Blessed Pierre BONHOMME .

Cantou house is located at the foot of the sanctuary where the first Sisters committed themselves to follow Jesus in the Religious Life; they had appealed to the Blessed Virgin in order to have the strength, courage and fidelity to answer the call of God.

This house was formerly a school. It is near the Mother House of the Congregation which administers the reception centres at both Gramat and Rocamadour through the Association « Le Grand Couvent ».

The Congregation offers Cantou house to fulfil the following objectives:

  • To welcome pilgrims from all horizons, cultures and languages, all with their different aims. « To discover a brother in every person welcomed»
  • To respond to the desire for silence, for rest, for an encounter with the Lord in prayer and through the Word, in contact with others, with the Church and with the Sisters.
  • To welcome Sisters from any Congregation for a time of peace, rest and renewal, and to welcome lay people who are not necessarily pilgrims.

The Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Calvary has since 1993 welcomed pilgrims at Cantou house. The sleeping capacity is 14 (7 individual bedrooms, 1 double bedroom and 1 dormitory with 6 beds + 3 bathrooms and 3 toilets). There is no catering service but the kitchen is equipped and available to guests; alternatively picnic meals are available. Cantou house is located at the heart of the sanctuary of Rocamadour, in a calm position suitable for contemplation, with an exceptional view over the site. The Sisters of Our Lady of Calvary participate in the activities of the sanctuary and invite you to share their moments of prayer and meeting.

The community also welcomes families, small groups and individuals who come for a time of pilgrimage to Our Lady of Rocamadour.



  • Individual bedroom: 20,00€
  • Double bedroom: 30,00€
  • Dormitory: 10,00€
  • Extra bed: 10,00€
  • Picnic: 9.00€
  • Touris tax: 0,55€ per day and per person

Le Cantou - Rue de la Mercerie - 46 500 Rocamadour - Tel : 05 65 33 73 69 (Administrator  : Association « Le Grand Couvent »)


The Cantou is open from March 1st to December 15. Reception and accommodation are organized by two Sisters: Sr Marie-Jeanne and Sr Marie- France, helped by a volunteer.

Reception of pilgrims is from 15:00. The bedrooms and dormitory must be freed before 8:30.

Useful information for our pilgrim friends who are already on the way to Gramat-Rocamadour or for those who are about to set out:

Sanctuaire de Rocamadour

Le relais du Pèlerin

Le relais du Pèlerin

Compostelle France


Rocamino est la suite d’un long travail déjà engagé depuis quelques années pour promouvoir la voie de Rocamadour vers Compostelle.
Aujourd’hui l’association Rocamino souhaite répondre à la spécificité du sanctuaire de Rocamadour dans l’histoire compostellane et vise à maintenir et à développer son rayonnement sur les chemins de saint Jacques tant en France qu’en Espagne.

Chemins de Compostelle

L'association, fondée en avril 2003, regroupe des bénévoles de tous âges motivés par le Chemin de Saint-Jacques, personnellement ou en tant que pèlerins eux-mêmes.

Le Puy Conques

Préparez les plus belles étapes du chemin de Saint-Jacques de-Compostelle.

Web Compostella

Cette association a pour but :

  • de créer sur Internet une communauté regroupant les amateurs de pèlerinage et les différents intervenants de la route de Compostelle : avant, pendant et après le pèlerinage,
  • d ‘apporter par là une assistance et des services aux pèlerins au plan culturel, artistique et spirituel.